STXXL  1.4-dev
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tmeta.h File Reference

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struct  stxxl::CASE< tag_, Type_, Next_ >
struct  stxxl::IF< Flag, Type1, Type2 >
 IF template metaprogramming statement. More...
struct  stxxl::IF< false, Type1, Type2 >
struct  stxxl::IF_N< Flag, Num1, Num2 >
 If Flag is true then IF<>::result is Num1 otherwise of IF<>::result is Num2. More...
struct  stxxl::IF_N< false, Num1, Num2 >
class  stxxl::LOG2< Input >
class  stxxl::LOG2< 0 >
class  stxxl::LOG2< 1 >
class  stxxl::LOG2_floor< Input >
class  stxxl::LOG2_floor< 0 >
class  stxxl::LOG2_floor< 1 >
struct  stxxl::NilCase
class  stxxl::SWITCH< tag, Case >
class  stxxl::SWITCH< tag, NilCase >


 STXXL library namespace


const int stxxl::DEFAULT = ~(~0u >> 1)