STXXL  1.4-dev
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Here is a list of all modules:
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oSTL-User LayerLayer which groups STL compatible algorithms and containers
|oAlgorithmsAlgorithms with STL-compatible interface
|\ContainersContainers with STL-compatible interface
| omatrixEfficient external memory matrix operations
| ointernalsSupporting internal classes
| ostackExternal stack implementations
| \vectorVector and support classes
oStream PackagePackage that enables pipelining of consequent sorts and scans of the external data avoiding the saving the intermediate results on the disk, e.g
oBlock Management LayerGroup of classes which help controlling external memory space, managing disks, and allocating and deallocating blocks of external storage
|oAllocation FunctorsStandard allocation strategies encapsulated in functors
|oBlock Scheduling SublayerGroup of classes which help in scheduling sequences of read and write requests via prefetching and buffered writing
|\InternalsInternals and support classes
oI/O Primitives LayerGroup of classes which enable abstraction from operating system calls and support system-independent interfaces for asynchronous I/O
|oFile I/O ImplementationsImplementations of stxxl::file for various file access methods and operating systems
|\I/O Requests and QueuesEncapsulation of an I/O request, queues for requests and threads to process them
\Common Utilities and Support ClassesSupporting classes also useful for applications, see also Common Utilities and Helpers