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stable_ksort.h File Reference

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class  stxxl::stable_ksort_local::bid_sequence< BIDType, AllocStrategy >
struct  stxxl::stable_ksort_local::type_key< Type >


 STXXL library namespace




template<class Type , class TypeKey >
void stxxl::stable_ksort_local::classify_block (Type *begin, Type *end, TypeKey *&out, int_type *bucket, typename Type::key_type offset, unsigned shift)
template<typename ExtIterator >
void stxxl::stable_ksort_local::distribute (bid_sequence< typename ExtIterator::vector_type::block_type::bid_type, typename ExtIterator::vector_type::alloc_strategy_type > *bucket_bids, int64 *bucket_sizes, const int_type nbuckets, const int_type lognbuckets, ExtIterator first, ExtIterator last, const int_type nread_buffers, const int_type nwrite_buffers)
template<typename Type >
bool stxxl::stable_ksort_local::operator< (const type_key< Type > &a, const type_key< Type > &b)
template<typename Type >
bool stxxl::stable_ksort_local::operator> (const type_key< Type > &a, const type_key< Type > &b)
template<typename ExtIterator >
void stxxl::stable_ksort (ExtIterator first, ExtIterator last, unsigned_type M)
 Sort records with integer keys. More...

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Definition at line 29 of file stable_ksort.h.

Referenced by stxxl::stable_ksort_local::distribute(), and stxxl::stable_ksort().