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stxxl::random_number64 Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Slow and precise uniform [0, 2^64) pseudo-random generator.


Definition at line 262 of file rand.h.

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Public Types

typedef stxxl::uint64 value_type

Public Member Functions

value_type operator() (value_type N) const
 Returns a random number from [0, N) More...

Public Attributes

 __pad0__: uniform(seed) { } inline value_type operator () () const { return static_cast<value_type>(uniform() * (18446744073709551616.))
random_uniform_slow uniform

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 264 of file rand.h.

Member Function Documentation

value_type stxxl::random_number64::operator() ( value_type  N) const

Returns a random number from [0, N)

Definition at line 278 of file rand.h.

Member Data Documentation


Definition at line 274 of file rand.h.

random_uniform_slow stxxl::random_number64::uniform

Definition at line 265 of file rand.h.

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