STXXL  1.4-dev
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stxxl::random_uniform_slow Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Slow and precise uniform [0.0, 1.0) pseudo-random generator period: at least 2^48, random bits: at least 31.

Seed is not the same as in the fast generator random_uniform_fast

Definition at line 149 of file rand.h.

Public Types

typedef double value_type

Public Member Functions

 _dorand48 (state48)
value_type operator() () const
 Returns a random number from [0.0, 1.0) More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void _dorand48 (unsigned short xseed[3])
static double _erand48 (unsigned short xseed[3])

Public Attributes

unsigned short state48 [3]
 state48 [1] = (unsigned short)(seed >> 16)

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 151 of file rand.h.

Member Function Documentation

static void stxxl::random_uniform_slow::_dorand48 ( unsigned short  xseed[3])

Definition at line 189 of file rand.h.

stxxl::random_uniform_slow::_dorand48 ( state48  )
static double stxxl::random_uniform_slow::_erand48 ( unsigned short  xseed[3])

Definition at line 212 of file rand.h.

value_type stxxl::random_uniform_slow::operator() ( ) const

Returns a random number from [0.0, 1.0)

Definition at line 231 of file rand.h.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned short stxxl::random_uniform_slow::state48[3]

Definition at line 173 of file rand.h.

stxxl::random_uniform_slow::state48[2] = (unsigned short)(seed >> 16)

Definition at line 224 of file rand.h.

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