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block_cache.h File Reference

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class  stxxl::hash_map::block_cache< BlockType >
 Cache of blocks contained in an external memory hash map. Uses the stxxl::lru_pager as eviction algorithm. More...
struct  stxxl::hash_map::block_cache< BlockType >::bid_eq
struct  stxxl::hash_map::block_cache< BlockType >::bid_hash
class  stxxl::hash_map::block_cache_write_buffer< BlockType >
 Used inside block_cache for buffering write requests of cached blocks. More...


 STXXL library namespace
 External memory hash-map.


template<class BlockType >
void std::swap (stxxl::hash_map::block_cache_write_buffer< BlockType > &a, stxxl::hash_map::block_cache_write_buffer< BlockType > &b)
template<class HashMap >
void std::swap (stxxl::hash_map::block_cache< HashMap > &a, stxxl::hash_map::block_cache< HashMap > &b)