Stxxl  1.3.2
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VECTOR_GENERATOR< Tp_, PgSz_, Pages_, BlkSize_, AllocStr_, Pager_ > Struct Template Reference

External vector type generator. More...

#include <vector.h>

Public Types

typedef IF< Pager_==lru,
lru_pager< Pages_ >
, random_pager< Pages_ >
typedef vector< Tp_, PgSz_,
PagerType, BlkSize_, AllocStr_ > 

Detailed Description

template<typename Tp_, unsigned PgSz_ = 4, unsigned Pages_ = 8, unsigned BlkSize_ = STXXL_DEFAULT_BLOCK_SIZE(Tp_), typename AllocStr_ = STXXL_DEFAULT_ALLOC_STRATEGY, pager_type Pager_ = lru>
struct VECTOR_GENERATOR< Tp_, PgSz_, Pages_, BlkSize_, AllocStr_, Pager_ >

External vector type generator.

Template Parameters
Tp_type of contained objects (POD with no references to internal memory)
PgSz_number of blocks in a page
Pages_number of pages
BlkSize_external block size in bytes, default is 2 MiB
AllocStr_one of allocation strategies: striping , RC , SR , or FR default is RC
Pager_pager type:
  • random ,
  • lru , is default

Memory consumption of constructed vector is BlkSize_*Pages_*PgSz_ bytes Configured vector type is available as STACK_GENERATOR<>::result.


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