Stxxl  1.3.2
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completion_handler Class Reference

Completion handler class (Loki-style) More...

#include <completion_handler.h>

Public Member Functions

 completion_handler (const completion_handler &obj)
template<typename handler_type >
 completion_handler (const handler_type &handler__)
completion_handleroperator= (const completion_handler &obj)
void operator() (request *req)

Detailed Description

Completion handler class (Loki-style)

In some situations one needs to execute some actions after completion of an I/O request. In these cases one can use an I/O completion handler - a function object that can be passed as a parameter to asynchronous I/O calls stxxl::file::aread and stxxl::file::awrite . For an example of use see mng/test_mng.cpp

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