STXXL  1.4-dev
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Compiling and Installing STXXL with Visual Studio 2012 and newer (without Boost)
Timo Bingmann (2013)


Unpack STXXL source code

Use CMake to Generate Visual Studio Projects

  • Open the CMake GUI.
  • Fill in the source code field with the place of the STXXL source and pick a build directory.
  • Pressing "Configure" brings up a dialog box: select your Visual Studio version (MSVC 11 here).
    Note that you must select between 32- and 64-bit building here.
  • Press "Generate" to run the CMake platform checks and to generate the Visual Studio project files.
  • After generating the project, CMake presents a list of optional configuration switches. Maybe the most important are BUILD_TESTS and BUILD_EXAMPLES. By selecting them, additional subprojects are generated to build and run the unit tests for STXXL.

Use Visual Studio to Build STXXL

  • Afterwards, use Visual Studio to open the stxxl.sln STXXL "Solution" containing the projects.
  • Building the ALL_BUILD will first compile the STXXL library sources and then stxxl_tool and the test1 program in local/
  • You can immediately start working with STXXL by modifying the test1.cpp code in the local/ directory.
  • Simply switch Visual Studio into Release mode for building without assertions and extra checks.
  • To build the examples and test suite open up CMake, enable the check-boxes BUILD_EXAMPLES or BUILD_EXAMPLES and press "Generate" again. This will create many sub-projects in the Visual Studio solution.
For instruction on configuring disks on Windows, see Disk Configuration Files

Using STXXL as a Library inside a Project

TODO. If you are an experienced MSVC user, please contribute!