Installing from subversion

Retrieving the source from subversion

The STXXL source code is available in a subversion repository on
To learn more about subversion and (command line and graphical) subversion clients visit

The main development line (in subversion called the "trunk") is located at
Alternatively you might use a branch where a new feature is being developed. Branches have URLs like

For the following example let us assume you want to download the latest trunk version using the command line client and store it in a directory called stxxl-trunk (which should not exist, yet). Otherwise replace URL and path to your needs.


svn checkout stxxl-trunk 

Change to stxxl directory:

cd stxxl-trunk 

Continue as Usual

Now follow the regular installation and usage instructions, starting from "Library Compilation":

Updating an existing subversion checkout

Once you have checked out the source code you can easily update it to the latest version later on.

In the STXXL directory, run

svn update 

and rebuild.