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stxxl::hash_map::tuning Class Reference

Detailed Description

Tuning parameters for external memory hash map.

Definition at line 25 of file tuning.h.

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Public Attributes

size_t blockcache_size
 see block_cache and hash_map More...
size_t prefetch_page_size
 see buffered_reader More...
size_t prefetch_pages
 see buffered_reader More...

Private Member Functions

 tuning ()
 set reasonable default values for tuning params More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from stxxl::singleton< tuning >
static instance_pointer get_instance ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

stxxl::hash_map::tuning::tuning ( )

set reasonable default values for tuning params

Definition at line 39 of file tuning.h.

Member Data Documentation

size_t stxxl::hash_map::tuning::blockcache_size

see block_cache and hash_map

Definition at line 35 of file tuning.h.

size_t stxxl::hash_map::tuning::prefetch_page_size

see buffered_reader

Definition at line 31 of file tuning.h.

size_t stxxl::hash_map::tuning::prefetch_pages

see buffered_reader

Definition at line 33 of file tuning.h.

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