file Member List

This is the complete list of members for file, including all inherited members.
add_request_ref() (defined in file)file [inline]
aread(void *buffer, offset_type pos, size_type bytes, const completion_handler &on_cmpl)=0file [pure virtual]
awrite(void *buffer, offset_type pos, size_type bytes, const completion_handler &on_cmpl)=0file [pure virtual]
CREAT enum valuefile
DEFAULT_QUEUE (defined in file)file [static]
delete_request_ref() (defined in file)file [inline]
DIRECT enum valuefile
discard(offset_type offset, offset_type size)file [inline, virtual]
export_files(offset_type offset, offset_type length, std::string prefix) (defined in file)file [inline, virtual]
file()file [inline, protected]
get_allocator_id() const =0file [pure virtual]
get_physical_device_id() const (defined in file)file [inline, virtual]
get_queue_id() const =0file [pure virtual]
get_request_nref() (defined in file)file [inline]
io_type() const file [inline, virtual]
lock()=0file [pure virtual]
NO_ALLOCATOR (defined in file)file [static]
NO_LOCK enum valuefile
NO_QUEUE (defined in file)file [static]
offset_type typedef (defined in file)file
open_mode enum namefile
RDONLY enum valuefile
RDWR enum valuefile
remove() (defined in file)file [inline, virtual]
serve(const request *req)=0 (defined in file)file [pure virtual]
set_size(offset_type newsize)=0file [pure virtual]
size()=0file [pure virtual]
size_type typedef (defined in file)file
SYNC enum valuefile
TRUNC enum valuefile
WRONLY enum valuefile
~file() (defined in file)file [inline, virtual]